How To Make A Wooden Shed With Reused Pallets

How to make a wooden shed out of repurposed pallets

Whoever has several wooden pallets and some space in their garden or terrace, can give them a new use that prevents the wood from being wasted and that, in addition, allows them to have a shed that can be used for many things. Here’s how to build a shed with repurposed blades.

1. More suitable pallets.

The first thing to pay attention to is the pallets. Although the number of those that will be needed will be determined by the space available, what is important is that they are all the same size and, if possible, have a square shape. With this, you will avoid having to apply cuts to a wood that stands out for its special hardness.

2. Create the structure of the shed.

To build each wall, join three pallets with washer screws. When everything is well anchored, you will surely need another level of height. To do this, you will have to fix another three pallets horizontally above the first row. Screw all the parts well. Do not forget to leave an area uncovered for access to the shed.

3. Fabricate the roof.

For the ceiling you will need several wooden planks. The size will depend on your pallets and how many you have used. In any case, make sure they are long enough to go end to end, with a slight incline from front to rear.

To create this slope, you will have to start by fixing two small planks at the ends of the front part that raise it in height with respect to the back part. Above them, fix horizontally, across the entire width of the facade, a plank. Repeat the operation at the back, right on the pallets.

Now you will have to lay another four planks from the front to the back (two on the side walls and as many in the central area), which you will have to screw, but on its thinnest end, as you can see in the image.

On that network of planks, fix another batch, in this case seven from the facade to the rear. Unlike the line just below it, place these planks at their widest point.

Once the entire structure is well anchored, you can roof the shed. For this, you can opt for a galvanized sheet roof that you will have to anchor with straps like this or similar ones.

4. Exterior coating and paint.

Next, you will have to cover the walls made with pallets. A good option is cladding panels. On these, a good coat of paint of the color and type of your choice will be applied. Oil-based gray paint was chosen for this project. Apply as many coats as you consider.

5. Secure the shed.

This step can be done before installing the roof or at this point, where it can be somewhat more expensive. It basically consists of securing the shed to the ground using concrete pillars in each of its corners. In these structures, introduce a metal bar as you see in the image and attach it well to the structure.

With this, the construction of your shed with recycled wood will be finished and you can start to enjoy it and give it the use you decide. In addition, you can apply improvements to your design, such as the incorporation of a small covered storage area on one of the sides, or any other option that occurs to you and that allows you to extend the life of the old pallets.

Original project in Oklahoma History.

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