How To Make An Automatic Homemade Dog Food Dispenser

How to make an automatic homemade dog food dispenser

Today you will learn how to make a curious homemade food dispenser for your dog, cat or any other pet ????

You only need a jar, a stick and, of course, cardboard. Follow the instructions and you will have a really cool food dispenser!

Below is an automatic dog food dispenser. It is ideal if the dog has the following characteristics:

  1. Good chewing habits.
  2. Discipline to eat, only eat when hungry.
  3. Small or medium breed dog.

Household dog feeder materials.

For this project you will need:

  • A scissors or cutter.
  • Glue or silicone gun.
  • Paperboard.
  • Cylindrical container.
  • Dog Food.
  • Small 3-inch cylindrical cap.
  • Elongated pieces of wood.
  • Pliers.

Home automatic dispenser instructions.

Although in the video you can see how to make this automatic dispenser in detail, we share the step-by-step instructions in case they help you in the creation process.

On a rectangular shaped cardboard, mark the bases for a truncated pyramid with a square base. You can draw it taking into account that it is a pyramid on a plane parallel to the base. Then you separate the part that contains the vertex. You can also use a template or mold. Cut with a scissors or cutter, join the parts by the tabs, stick with the silicone gun and press so that they stick well.

Cut elongated pieces of wood with pliers, make a small base, glue. Squeeze until they are well joined. Add glue again and place on the pyramidal base, one on the side and two on the top part.

Once this step is finished, roll a piece of cardboard with a pencil so that it is in the shape of a cylinder. Use glue. In one of the corners of the cylinder, add a cardboard and place two small wooden bases on the tip. Find the fake pyramid, place it on the cylinder and fix some rubber bands on the pieces of wood. This procedure is done on both sides and should allow the opening and closing of the trick pyramid.

From the cardboard, cut four rectangular pieces to make a box. In the front part, right in the center, make a small rectangular hole. In that space insert a channel through which the food will come out. In its elaboration it is necessary to have two lateral bases made with the same material and fixed with silicone. Once made, glue on the rectangular hole. On top of the box, place the pyramid frame. Open a small hole to allow the cylinder to exit. That protruding part of the cylinder, glue a small cardboard square.

Take a piece of cardboard and attach to the three-inch cylindrical lid, punch a hole for both materials. Fill the cylindrical container with the food, close with the lid that you previously pierced and place glue in each corner. Glue the box and rotate. Once it’s fully assembled, you can add shapes or paint it. Avoid coloring inside the feeder mouth.

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