How To Make And Use Nettle Slurry

How to make and use nettle slurry

Nettle slurry is one of the home remedies that can not be missing in our garden or urban garden, it has so many properties and so many uses that it will seem magical. It is one of the most used remedies in organic farming and always with excellent results, it will serve us both to strengthen the plants so that they are more resistant to pests and it will also help us to combat fungi and pests such as mites, the aphids, or bed bugs.

Nettle is considered a pest in many orchards especially because it can be quite invasive and dangerous, since if we touch it with any part of the body we can get nettle and believe me it stings a lot although it is only a little annoying, it is unpleasant, the The advantage is that it is a circulatory activator so it would also be very healing to nettle ourselves from time to time ????

Focusing a bit on its use in the garden, nettle is also used as a compost activator or accelerator and I assure you that after you prepare your first slurry and taste it, you will adore this plant. The slurry is very simple to prepare and it will only take us 5 minutes a day to prepare it and we can use it as a repellent against mite, whitefly, red spider and aphid pests and to combat fungi such as mildew and powdery mildew. We will apply it in a foliar way, it is also an excellent foliar fertilizer.

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Slurry is rich in micro-elements and minerals, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, silicon…. in addition to containing a large amount of nitrogen, one of the most important nutrients in the growth and leaf formation stage. But it is also that with the nettle slurry we will be contributing to our soil life that is the most important thing, as we also saw with the compost tea ! I hope you enjoy the video.

Biopreparado slurry from Nettle.

Author: Toni Frito.

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