How To Make Chicken Manure Slurry. Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Organic nitrogen fertilizer

In the garden the issue of the subscriber is always important, and if we can do it in an ecological way it will always be much better than all the chemical methods that we can acquire, either because of the money savings that we will have when making it ourselves, such as the issue of not to pollute our poor planet anymore, to take care of the soil that feeds us, which is almost more important than growing our plants.

Today we are going to take the opportunity to make this great fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, from our inseparable companions of the garden, the hens (any bird can be used), from which, taking advantage of the manure they generate, we can take advantage of and fertilize the land.

How to make chicken manure purin

In the video I explain step by step how we should do to make this slurry and check how efficient it is in our plants, just let me emphasize two things, first regenerating the soil with this method or by others is very important not only for our plants, if not for not depleting it of resources and the second is the importance of stirring the mixture EVERY DAY! Since chicken manure can contain bacteria such as Salomonella or Escherichia coli, although this is not usual, removing and doing the process well will not have a problem.

To do this, it is important that we know the ratio of the mixture, which is 1/3 chicken manure and 2/3 water. Subsequently to irrigate, the measure will be 1 of the slurry with 10 of water, because otherwise it would be very strong, avoiding doing it in foliar application on leaf crops: lettuce, spinach, etc. and the good thing is that this compost will hold up well for about 3 months, stored in the shade, covered, but not hermetic.

Author:  Toni Frito.

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