How To Make Dehydrated Fruit At Home

How to make dehydrated fruit at home
How to make dehydrated fruit at home. Image: 5PH Shutterstock

Dried fruit is a healthy option for those who like sweets and fruit. Dried fruit is easy to make and can be the healthiest and quickest snack for kids. These fruits contain sugar as well, but they are not as harmful as the refined sugar we normally consume.

Selection of dehydrated fruits. Image: Luis Molinero Shutterstock

We can also buy this type of fruit in a store, but it can be quite expensive, so we decided to make a cheaper version at home and also, we know perfectly and without any doubt that we are eating and where it comes from.

Oven to dehydrate fruit. Image: Skimin0k Shutterstock

You will only need some fruits and an oven to dehydrate them. If you already have a fruit dehydrator the task is easier, but a normal oven will also do that function perfectly.

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How to make dehydrated fruit at home.

Learn how to make dehydrated fruit at home by following each of these steps. You will see that it is something very simple and the best, very healthy.

Select the fruit.

Choose the fruit you want to dehydrate. You can choose from many options. The most common are apples, peaches, plums, bananas, or strawberries.

But you can also try other types such as fig, kiwi, pineapples, pears, mango, citrus peels and many others. The limit is in your imagination.

Make sure they are in good condition.

Look for the best fruits you can get. They should not be very ripe, make sure they do not have bruises.

Cut the fruit.

You can cut them into slices or cubes. Before doing so, wash each one very well.

Cut cherries in half and core apples and pears. Cut the slices rather thick.

You should also make sure to cut the pieces of similar sizes so that they all dry at once.

Sun dried.

It is one of the ways you can dry your fruits and the most ecological. The downside is that it only works for those people who live in climates above 40 ° C.

It is a process that takes more time and the climate must be quite dry. But don’t worry, if this is not the right option for you, we will show you others.

Place the fruit slices on a tray and put them directly in the sun. You should also turn the fruit once a day so that it dries evenly.

Put the trays away overnight to avoid dew.

Or you can use a home dehydrator that you can put in the sun and thus increase its temperature thanks to it.

Kiln dried.

It is a less ecological option, but there are times when there is no other possibility.

Set the oven to 60 ° C. Put the trays with the fruit and leave the oven door slightly open. In this way you allow any steam to escape.

Check if it’s ready.

Each type of fruit has a removal time, so you should test if it is dry as follows:

Touch a piece of fruit if you check that it is dry but not brittle and that it is flexible, it is ready.

Take a piece of the fruit and cut it. If there are still traces of moisture, you may need a little more in the oven.

With these simple steps you already have your homemade dried fruit.

You can experiment to dehydrate a lot of different fruits, kiwis, apples, strawberries, bananas …

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