How To Make Your Own Hot Tub

How to make your own hot tub

Having a bathtub like the one in the image, a jacuzzi type, can be an inaccessible luxury for many. But what if you make it yourself? The possibility is there, although it will not be easy. If you dare, we give you the keys to do it, although you may need advice, since this project has its complications.

1. Choose the place where you build the bathtub.

Starting with the simplest, you will have to determine where you want to build the bathtub. If you are not sure, try to make it an area that is absolutely free of everything that may affect your home and its electricity, water, etc. as well as roots.

2. Prepare the ground.

If you opt for a bathtub like the one in the image, that is, underground, you will have to do a lot of work on the ground. Thus, you will have to dig a hole as large as the proportions you want to give your bathtub. When deciding, keep in mind that the larger it is, the greater the water and energy needs to heat it, as well as to maintain temperature. Whatever size you choose, add at least 15 extra centimeters.

Regarding the design, opting for a lock offers good results.

3. Isolate the pit.

Once you have made a hole for your bathtub, cover it with plastic sheets and make sure that they are firmly fixed to the floor, for example with roofing nails. On the plastic fabric you will have to then put foam for the insulation of at least 5 centimeters thick.

To keep the fabric insulating, you can opt for chicken wire or a comparable material. Do not forget to cover absolutely the entire surface of the bathtub.

4. Apply cement.

It is time to apply the cement. If you have never worked on it and do not know how much you may need, it is best to consult a specialized professional.

Next you will have to mix the cement in a wheelbarrow and apply it to the wire very carefully.

Once the entire tub is covered, let it dry thoroughly before continuing with the project. This process can take up to a week. When you make sure the cement is completely dry apply two coats of sealer.

5. Get yourself a submersible stove.

Once you do, place it in the narrowest part of the horseshoe frame. Make sure you install a wooden fence or some kind of protective barrier that divides the space between the area to heat the water and the bathtub, in a way that ensures the safety of anyone who uses it. Also, do not fix the stove only with the supports that it will incorporate. In this way, add some extraordinary stocking for support, for example with straps.

6. Make sure the bathtub drains.

To do this, the simplest thing will be that you acquire a quick drain system that sucks the water from the bathtub.

Other constructive alternatives.

To have more alternatives in addition to the previous one, in this video you can see another solution to equip yourself with your own bathtub with hot water.

In this case, a surface structure has been chosen which, compared to the previous option, can facilitate the construction task by not having to dig the ground. If you opt for this system, don’t forget that you will have to drain the bathtub, for example with a quick drain system. In addition, you will have to ensure their isolation. For this, you can use waterproof foam.

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