How To Make Your Own Recycled Paper In Six Easy Steps

Recycling paper (and using recycled paper) is one of the simplest and most beneficial options to reduce the generation of waste and the environmental impact due to the excessive use of resources. If you are aware of this, you recycle and deposit your paper in the containers enabled for this product, but you want to go a step further, we will tell you how you can create your own recycled paper, which will be ready for you to use it again with just a few simple steps .

You can use this recycled craft paper to make different crafts, mold crafts, almanacs, leaf dividers, souvenirs, boxes, packaging, bags, simple appliques to decorate, notebooks, diaries, unique and special gifts.


To make recycled paper you will need the following:

  • 2 photo frames that are the same.
  • A fiberglass mesh or roll.
  • A plastic container in which the frames fit horizontally.
  • An old sheet that you can cut.
  • Paper to reuse (newspaper will not allow good quality recycled paper).
  • A spray bottle.
  • A hand press or something that allows you to squeeze the paper and squeeze out the water.
  • Mortar or blender to shred the paper.
  • A sponge.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Nails and stapler.
  • Hammer.

Instructions for making paper.

Step One: Create the Frame.

How to make your own recycled paper

This project starts with the manufacture of the mold that will collect the pulp from the paper. The first step will be to place one of the frames on the work table, face up, to cover it with a piece of mesh of the same size.

Make sure the net covers the entire frame and that it is stretched properly, then staple it. Hit the staples with a hammer so that they are well fixed and without any protrusion.

Cut off any excess mesh sticking out the sides of the frame and tape the edges. With this, your mold will be ready. Meanwhile, the other frame, which will be the cover, will be free of mesh.

Before moving on to the next step, cut the old sheet into pieces large enough to cover a frame completely. When you’ve done it, it’s time to move on to paper.

Second step: Make paper pulp.

To make the pulp, if you immerse the paper you want to recycle in water for several hours, it will be easier to shred it. Whether you opt for this option or not, put the paper in the blender, add water and proceed to liquefy it. If you prefer, you can carry out this process manually with a mortar, although it will be more demanding.

When the mixture is free of lumps and pieces of paper you will have already obtained the pulp. Now you will have to pour it into the container and add water until it covers the two frames (the mold and the cover, which will be placed, in that order and horizontally, inside the container).

Third step: From pulp to paper.

How to make recycled paper

Before inserting the mold and the cover, moisten one of the pieces of old sheet with water to make the transfer of paper pulp easier.

Then put the frames in the container; first the mold, which you will have to place with the mesh side facing up, and then the cover, which must be face down.

Shake the frames in the container and check that the pulp is distributed evenly. At that moment, raise the frames and you will see how the paper pulp gets stuck in the mold (the lower one). Let it drain for a few seconds and remove the coverlet.

Step 4: Dehumidify the pulp and remove it from the frame.

Make your own recycled paper

Place the mold on the sheet, with the part that contains the paper pulp facing it. Do this very carefully until the mold rests on the sheet.

At that time, press on the entire network with a sponge to remove some of the moisture. Later, lift the mold. The paper pulp must have come off to be on the sheet.

Step Five: Make more paper.

Make recycled paper

Before repeating the operation to obtain more paper, place another piece of sheet on which you had been working and, on them, a press or any other weight, for example a handful of books. Leave them on the paper for several hours and, once you remove them, allow the sheets with the paper to dry completely. The process can take a day.

In the meantime, you can continue with the recycling process, for which you will only have to repeat the operation as many times as you want and, surely, obtain more pulp.

Step Six: Final Details.

When the paper and sheet are dry, separate them very carefully. Your piece of recycled paper will be slightly curled, so feel free to put it under a thick book for several hours. After that time, you can start reusing your own paper thanks to this process that, as you can see, is cheap and simple.

Original project in Instructables.

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