How To Plant Garlic In The Garden

How to sow garlic in the garden

In the northern hemisphere we are in the season to sow garlic, normally they are sown in mid-autumn and they are one of the crops that will spend the most time in the land of our gardens, but it really is a tremendous satisfaction to later harvest them in addition to all benefits that they bring us to health.

We are going to plant the variety of elephant garlic (Ajo Chilote), which is a slightly different variety of garlic, because of its size that is quite impressive, as well as its resistance to more humid terrain and climates, it should be noted that they have a unique flavor. slightly softer, it is ideal to eat raw or in salad!

For everything else, this lily does not differ in anything else for its cultivation, for which we must prepare the ground a little and carry out a few simple tasks for its sowing.

How to sow garlic in the garden 2
How to sow garlic in the garden

After removing the summer crops, it is a good time to prepare the soil and it is convenient to add some ash to them when sowing them since it gives them an extra contribution of phosphorus and calcium, in the future and when they start to grow we can use the Banana tea  to provide potassium, which is great for all root plants.

The good thing is that the cultivation of garlic is not going to take us a lot of work, we will see in future articles the care that we must give it, the only thing that if we have a little dry autumns and winters we will have to water them every 15 days with light irrigations.

I hope you enjoy the video, it is the first one I made, and the truth is that I am very encouraged by people’s response! Have you planted garlic? How did it go?

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Author:  Toni Frito.

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