How To Plant Tomatoes Step By Step

How to plant tomatoes step by step

We continue with the articles related to tomato cultivation, once we have the tomatoes planted in the garden  and we see that they have begun to take root well in their new location, we can start to guide them.

We must prepare the tutors and train the tomatoes quickly because it is a plant that begins to grow immediately and if we are several days without going to the garden we can find the tomatoes lying down or growing in a creeping way (it is their natural way of growing).

Why the tomato should be trained is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who start in its cultivation, along with that why the tomatoes should be pruned, basically it is one of the main tasks of the crop, since if not as we mentioned Before, they grow at ground level, and this can cause the fruits to spoil. By contact with the ground or even in temperate climates it is easier for the plant to become infected by fungi.

How to Stand Tomatoes

In the video I show you one way to train, but many others can be used, only the concept is important, in other regions, reeds, bamboo are used or we can even use hazelnut rods or any other tree. I use corrugated bars because they are tutors that can last us a lifetime and do not spoil over time, and I will not have to go looking for new tutors every year. The only thing to be careful with the corrugated bars is that if you are in very hot climates, 40ÂșC in summer, they can burn the plant, but it does not usually happen.

How to Stand Tomatoes 1

The same as to tie the tomatoes, you can use ropes or even ties, but I prefer to use a natural material that also decomposes on our terrace when we finish using it, in this case I use raffia. It is important to emphasize that this is a process that we have to do throughout the crop while the tomatoes continue to grow.

Author: Toni Frito.

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