How To Regrow Seedless Carrot

resprout seedless carrot

Many vegetables, despite having been cut, tend to sprout again, as a sign of survival and as a sign of the great power of nature, which always clings to life. Today we are going to see how we can do to get a carrot to re-sprout after having eaten a large part of the root and keeping the upper part.

The steps are simple, we must take the top part of the carrot and put it in water for a few days to see how it evolves, taking care that it does not rot (it happens many times) for this it is better to observe the state of the carrot before doing The experiment, but hey, it is not necessary to explain much more, with this simple video and with patience we will get the carrot to sprout again from this small bulb, you will see how everything is perfectly understood.

I leave you the video and you will tell me how it went, do you dare to try it? Have you tried other plants?

In case you don’t know, you can  sprout many more vegetables and herbs, give it a try!

Author: Toni Frito.

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