How To Repair The Automatic Door Of Your Home Safely

How to repair the automatic door of your home safely

Automatic doors are always a great option that many people choose to incorporate into their home. Whether for reasons of safety, comfort or simply because it is essential to them in their daily lives, a large part of Spaniards opt for an instrument that over the years is becoming much more in demand. It is logical, technological advances continue their course, every day a better product is manufactured than the previous one and this does not go unnoticed by anyone.

One of the big questions for people who have an automatic door at home is knowing how to safely repair it in case it does not work. Here we must bear in mind that they have an electrical system that makes them work and that they are usually much larger than the classic doors of our home that do not usually represent more problems than lock failures or the wood swelling (yes are made with this material) and stop working properly.

Because automatic doors are much more complex and there can be several causes of their malfunction. So, depending on what the problem of each of them is, we will have to choose accordingly. In this way, below we expose the main reasons why these instruments stop working correctly and how to repair it safely.

Control problems: In many cases the door control does not work even though the remote control of the door does. This can happen because a key may be broken or there may be a problem with the connection of the cables. To put an end to this problem, it is best if the control light is off, remove the bell wire from the screws located on the opener. Immersed in the matter, we will have to go to the red and white cables, if it does not work, we will have to go to the cables that work with the door opener.

If the garage door opens…: One of the most frequent cases happens when the door opens and closes by itself. To solve this problem you will have to remove the doorbell cable and keep only the remote control. That and you should also be aware that the control buttons are off, since in many situations they can remain on.

Door stuck: On many other occasions the door stops working correctly because it gets stuck and cannot open or close as it should. Faced with this problem, which is caused by jams in the system or problems with the force of the rise, it is best to increase the volume of the door ascent.

Opener light problem: There are times when the opener lights do not work. In this case, you have to change the fuses of the same so that your door works perfectly.

Problems with the electrical system : The electrical system is what makes an automatic door work and therefore it is necessary to always take into account the problems that may arise in this regard. You can verify this by connecting an electrical device to the outlet.

These are some of the main problems and their possible solution that can happen to you on your automatic door. And it is that in the market you will be able to find a great variety of instruments of this type. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or the other. These are the most recognized:

  • Custom doors: With regard to these doors, the client will be able to choose the appropriate door according to the characteristics of the space in which it is desired to use. These are usually used in garages inside a private home.
  • Swing doors: These with the classic ones in the entrances of urbanizations or even in those of a private home.
  • Overhead doors: They are usually used in small warehouses.
  • Sliding doors: They are used at the entrance of factories.
  • Glass doors: These are the classic doors that open and close when you enter a business or a large supermarket chain.
  • Garage doors
  • Double leaf doors: These usually predominate at the entrances of individual homes. They usually go in front of a small garden.
  • Rolling doors: These are often used by people who have a large warehouse.
  • Fast doors: These are often used to separate compartments within a factory. For example, in the case of sections where cold products are kept in a food factory.
  • Rigid doors: They are usually used for the garage of a home where cars or other vehicles are stored.
  • Selectable doors: The owners of a large warehouse choose these doors.

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