How To Reproduce Rosemary By Cutting

How to reproduce rosemary by cutting

One of the aromatic stars that we can have in our urban garden or kitchen is  rosemary.  It helps us to prepare delicious dishes or preserves and also provides many benefits to our body in teas or ointments.


Today we are going to see how simple it can be to reproduce a rosemary branch to have a new plant for our terrace, orchard or kitchen, with a few simple steps we will enjoy all the benefits of rosemary in a short time.

We are only going to need a branch of rosemary that we can take on a walk or ask someone, and if we want to have greater success in reproducing rosemary it is also interesting to use the homemade rooting that we teach you in another article. And since I like to show you everything I can on video so that you can see that it is possible, I leave you with all the steps so that you can make cuttings of your aromatics in this case of rosemary.

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