How To Turn A Bicycle Into An E-bike With Swytch

An English engineer has developed a kit to turn any bicycle into an electric e-bike. He’s raising funds to make it.

On the Internet, and especially on YouTube, you can find a multitude of videos of talented young people turning their conventional bikes into powerful pedal-assisted electric bikes. But they are complex, difficult, and not available to everyone. A ready-to-use kit is needed and assembled in minutes to turn your bike into an e-bike.

An English engineer named Oliver has far exceeded the $50,000 he wanted to raise on Indiegogo to turn his idea into reality. It is called Swytch and it is a universal kit adaptable to any traditional bicycle.

It is basically a new wheel that incorporates a 250 watt electric motor. Then there are the sensors: one that detects the intensity of the pedal stroke and two that detect braking. Lastly, there is the battery pack (36 volt and 180 Wh lithium ion batteries) for handlebar mounting. Add the battery charger and…. enough, you have it all. Of an almost embarrassing simplicity, why hadn’t anyone thought about it before?

Obviously, since it is adaptable to any type of wheel and bicycle, it is not possible to determine exactly what autonomy this kit can guarantee. But Oliver assumes that the standard autonomy is 38 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 24 and 32 km / h (respectively for the European version of the kit and the American version, in practice the legal limits).

Oliver raised $309,253 and needed $50,000 to move from prototype to actual production.

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