How To Turn A Coffee Pot Into An Original Terrarium

How to turn a coffee pot into an original terrarium

If you have an old coffee pot that you no longer use or is broken and you want to put a little green in your life, the blogger Enid suggests this original project “Do it yourself” of home terrarium, easy to do for any fan of the handcrafts.

This project shows us how to make our own terrarium with air plants, white sand, and stones. These plants can grow for a long time, even in the most unfavorable conditions, and if you ask  David Latimer, a plant enthusiast who wanted to know how long the plants can withstand without watering and with basic care. 53 years later  this plant, a tradescantia, is still alive and has become the jewel of the Latimer family.

These projects are ideal for apprentice gardeners, hobbyists who want to tackle their first gardening projects.

How to turn a coffee pot into a terrarium

Fill the container with about an inch of sand. Then scatter some rocks from the river on the sand. Then place the moss on the rocks at the back. I wanted my plants to have the best view so I put them in the front, with precious stones between them.

Convert a coffee pot into an original terrarium

How to turn a coffee pot into a terrarium

Serve with a cup of coffee and a splash of milk ????

Convert a coffee pot into a terrarium

In general, it is recommended to aerate these plants every day, preferably in the morning. You could also also water them 2-3 times a week. They are happier to raise in a bright room than in a window with direct sunlight.

The end result is spectacular!

As you can guess, for such a project you can use many other containers besides a coffee pot.


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