Hydaway: A Collapsible Water Bottle That Fits In Your Pocket

Hydaway collapsible bottle

90,000 plastic bottles are thrown away every minute, but you can be part of the solution with the use of a reusable bottle. This is what motivated Niki Singlaub to create the Hydaway collapsible bottle. This bottle can hold up to 600 ml. It is made of silicone and folds to just over 3.2 cm high when you are not using it.

The two main problems with most metal, ceramic or glass water bottles are the space they take up when not in use. That’s why HYDAWAY was born – a collapsible water bottle for use anywhere in the world.

Constructed of flexible silicone and BPA-free plastic, each HYDAWAY folds up so you can fit it in a backpack, bag, or even your back pocket as soon as you know it’s there.

The design also includes a built-in carbon filter so you have cleaner, fresher water with every sip. It is manufactured in two sizes and a wide variety of colors, there is one for everyone. This invention has already prevented 1,100 tons of plastic from reaching landfills.

If you are not convinced by its usefulness, I recommend that you watch this video and surely later you will not see disposable plastic bottles in the same way.

Hydaway colors available

Hydaway will be of great interest to the most travelers. On a business trip, Singlaub realized the benefit of being able to fold her bottle before going through security, to pass the control in her pocket and be able to continue using it afterwards.

Hydaway started shaping this idea in June 2012, and after its development, launched for funding in April 2015. Now they are trying to collectively fund for the improved version.

Hydaway detail

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