Ikea Wants To Install Solar Panels In Your House In One Morning

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As stated by the financial director of Ikea, Juvencio Maeztu, after the elimination of the tax on the sun in Spain, they will begin to sell solar panels in their stores always at a lower price than the competition.

The sun tax in Spain is now history, after its repeal the “war of the sun” begins, in which many companies want to enter a sector that is expected to grow exponentially.

Ikea wants to partner with local companies to offer an “all-in-one” service, that is to say, that the purchase of your solar panels includes the installation. And they want everything to be done in one morning.

Ikea already sells solar panels in its stores in the UK, the Netherlands, or Japan. After the removal of the sun tax, Spain will be your next target. In this way, the concept of energy self-consumption is going to unleash a commercial war in Spain with millions of potential customers.

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At the moment the exact date on which Ikea Spain will begin to market its solar panels is not known, but they hope it will be “soon”.

From the Swedish multinational they bet on a lower price than what is in the market.

They are also studying the possibility, as they already do in England, of being able to be more ambitious through energy partners, so that with the customer’s consumption data, study the different possibilities of saving and optimizing, and being able to buy or produce energy at a cheaper price.

In England this project is being quite popular, so in Spain, with the possibility of producing more electricity by enjoying more hours of sunshine, it is expected to be a great success.

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