Impressive Plant Façade In The Vitoria Congress Palace

Vitoria2 green facade

The plant façade has 1,492 square meters of surface, 1,000 m2 are the vertical garden of the hydroponic f + p system and 492 m2 are of climbing plants that cover the windows. For its plantation , more than 33,000 plants of various native varieties from the area of ​​Álava and the Basque Country have been used.

Vitoria3 green facade

This vertical façade improves the energy consumption of the Palacio de Congresos, which translates into 270% more insulation over the existing façade, with the consequent energy savings.

Vitoria green facade

The design takes as a reference the existing ecosystems in the surroundings of Vitoria. At the base of the garden, in a steel plinth, the explanation of the ecosystems that the garden reproduces and the plant species that compose it is detailed. 97% of the species used are native to Álava. It is the first vertical garden that reproduces autochthonous ecosystems in the area where it is located.

Vitoria7 green facade

With the help of native plants, the garden has already been colonized by insects and animals, it has not taken long for birds to be seen on the facade.

Vitoria4 green facade

Benefits of green facades.

  • 1 m2 of green facade generates the oxygen required by one person throughout the year and traps 130 grams of dust per year.
  • A 4-storey (60 m2) building with a green facade filters 40 tons of harmful gases per year, in addition to trapping and processing 15 kg of heavy metals.
  • Reduces noise pollution.
  • They save space: The plant walls are hung vertically, taking advantage of a previously existing space, it is not necessary to eliminate weeds.
  • They save money: They reduce the interior temperature of a building by up to 5º C in summer as well as maintain it in winter.
  • They reduce the heat island effect of large cities.
  • They reduce flooding as they retain much of the rainwater in storms.
  • They enable unused urban spaces.
  • They revalue the buildings.
  • Camouflage and improvement of damaged, broken or unsightly finished walls or walls.
  • Anti-vandalism and anti-graffiti green wall.

Vitoria1 green facade

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Photographs by:
Quintas Fotografos.
Jordi Serramia Ruiz.
Hugo Riquelme Ortega.

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