In 10 Years, All Bmws Will Be Hybrid Or Electric

BMW X5 edrive

BMW wants to take advantage of its competitors and is already preparing a great revolution in its range of cars. As the German multinational has announced, in 10 years, all the cars they manufacture will be either electric or hybrid.

BMW i3

This change will affect its entire range of vehicles. The company has yet to define which vehicles will be electric and which will be hybrids.

BMW i3

The increasingly stringent regulations for internal combustion engines in the European Union, the US and China, as well as the determined commitment of the German government to this type of vehicle, are key to this decision.

BMW already has one of its divisions working on the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles, Project I. Its mission is to design cars powered by alternative energy. Some of its developments are the Mini E or the BMW i3.

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