In California An Electric Company Gives You 450 $ Just To Have An Electric Car

Users of the Southern California Edison (SVC) electric company who have an electric car, new or used, or provide rental services of this type, can access direct incentives of $450.

The campaign launched by the company, which in principle will maintain it throughout 2017, has been activated with funds from the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) [low carbon fuel standard] program, with which the state of California tries to reduce greenhouse emissions.

With this objective, the electric company has chosen to launch a reimbursement campaign that offers the company’s customers the possibility of receiving 450 dollars (just over 400 euros to change), just for having an electric vehicle, be it electric pure or hybrid.

Unlike other programs of this type promoted in the United States, in this case the aid is not limited to those who purchase an electric vehicle, but is extended to those who already have one and, also, to those who rent electric cars.

The requirements to receive this amount are the following:

  • Be a Southern California Edison customer.
  • Owning or renting an electric vehicle or a hybrid.
  • That the car is registered at the same address as the account with the electric company.
  • Not having received the aid before because, although it can fall up to three times in the same passenger car that changes hands throughout its useful life, the same owner can only receive it once for the same vehicle.

Once the client completes all the procedures through the Clean Fuel Rewards Program website, and the utility confirms that it meets the requirements, it will send a check for $450 with which it seeks to promote the use of electric vehicles among its users to thus reducing their carbon footprint. As the company emphasizes, electric vehicles reduce emissions into the atmosphere by up to 70%.

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