India Tries To Break The World Record By Planting 50 Million Trees In A Single Day

Plant trees

The most populous state in India, Uttar Pradesh, was the protagonist last Monday in the attempt of a new world record: the largest tree planting in a single day. Hundreds of thousands of people joined this initiative to plant an incredible 50 million trees.

The local authorities were in charge of distributing the seedlings free of charge among the population, volunteers, non-governmental organizations, legislators, public officials, students, children and others, so that they could carry out the planting themselves. According to the local press, some 800,000 people participated in this massive plantation.


The intention of the administration is to spread and promote a collective environmental awareness that leads people in general and organizations in particular to more energetically preserve the environment.

“The world has realized that great efforts must be made to reduce carbon emissions and to mitigate the effects of climate change. Uttar Pradesh has taken the initial step in this regard, ”explained Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who was also one of the planting volunteers.

In addition to being an initiative with enormous mobilizing power, it can also lead India to the world record for the highest number of trees planted in a single day. The current record is held by Pakistan, which in 2013 planted 847,275 trees in 24 hours. Very far from the figures that are handled in India.

During planting day, Guinness record auditors monitored the plantations without the participants being aware of their presence. The record, however, has not been made official yet, although everything suggests that this plantation will officially be the largest in history.

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