Ingenious System Of A 9-year-old Boy In Kenya To Wash His Hands Without Touching Anything

Stephen, a 9-year-old boy from Kenya, has devised a system to wash without touching anything to combat the spread of COVID-19.

He comments that he decided to develop this system when the government of his country warned about the coronavirus pandemic.

The invention prevents you from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces with your hands, reducing the possible spread of viruses and bacteria.

Its operation is simple, when you step on the water lever, a second lever is activated that moves and pushes the water tank, turning it so that water comes out. The same goes for soap, the system will give you liquid soap with the push of a lever.

Stephen lives in western Kenya with his parents and five siblings. The father comments that he is very proud that his youngest son designed a solution and that he is among the heroes fighting the pandemic.

Stephen has asked his father for money to be able to make an improved version of his invention, with a metal structure to replace the wood.

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