Interactive Map That Predicts How Sea Level Rise Will Affect Where You Live

Climate change is real, it is advancing faster and faster  without anyone remedying it, but today the question is how will sea level affect the place where you live?

Scientists at Climate Central, a New Jersey-based research center, have published a new model for estimating coastal flooding, which predicts that the effects of sea level rise could be three times more severe than previous estimates.

There are countries that will find it very difficult to fight and adapt to the consequences of climate change.

Under these new models, up to 340 million people will live below annual flood levels by 2050. By the end of the century, the lands currently occupied by 190 million people will be below high tide levels, assuming the lower levels of carbon emission. The results of this new model have immense scientific, geopolitical and economic implications.

You can consult the interactive map at:

A study published in Nature Communications, scientist Scott Culp and ecologist Benjamin Strauss developed a new, much more precise method. Using global satellite-based data, along with LIDAR aircraft from coastal regions of the United States, the authors trained a neural network to correct obstacles such as buildings and trees that can impede a satellite’s view of the terrain. They found that previous satellite models substantially overestimated the safety of many coastal areas. Notably, the best-case scenarios under the new model (called CoastalDEM 1.1) are worse than the worst-case scenarios under the old models.

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