Ireland Becomes The Second Country To Declare A Climate Emergency

Climate emergency Ireland. Image: AccuArt Shutterstock

The Republic of Ireland became the second country in the world to declare a climate emergency, The Independent Ireland reported. The statement was approved by both the government and the opposition, who agreed to an amendment to a climate action report.

“We are reaching a tipping point regarding the deterioration of the climate. Things will deteriorate very quickly unless we move very fast and the window of opportunity to do so is closing fast. ”

Richard Bruton. Minister of Climate Action.

The Irish statement follows a similar action by the UK parliament on May 1. The governments of Wales and Scotland have also declared climate emergencies.

Irish Green Party leader Eamon Ryan noted that the statement should be a starting point.

Declaring an emergency means absolutely nothing unless steps are taken to support it. That means the government has to do things it doesn’t want to do.

Climate Action Commission Chair Hildegarde Naughton said Bruton will present new climate action proposals to the Dail, as the Irish parliament is called, and looks forward to working with colleagues to evaluate them.

Now we need action, ” he said, as reported by BBC News.

Ireland is the second country to declare a climate emergency.

Ireland has become the second country in the world, after the United Kingdom, to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency.

Bruton praised the efforts of young people around the world who have protested for more action on climate change to give greater urgency to the debate.

This debate is justified in being deemed urgent, ” he said, as The Independent Ireland reported.

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish activist who has been credited with inspiring the youth climate movement, showed her support for Ireland’s decision through her twitter account.

The Oireachtas Climate Action report that prompted the declaration arose from a report from the Citizens Assembly; another Citizens Assembly will consider the issue of a biodiversity emergency, RTÉ explained.

Fianna Fail’s climate action spokesman Timmy Dooley, who introduced the amendment to declare an emergency, said that if the government followed the recommendations of the climate action report, it wouldend our cold response to climate change, ” reported The Independent. Ireland.

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