Ireland Will Plant 440 Million Trees In The Next 20 Years

Ireland. Image: By Anton Balazh Shutterstock

Ireland has published the figures of its Climate Action Plan proposed by its Government: it will allocate 8,000 hectares to the reforestation of 22 million trees each year, in the next 20, to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

In addition to the reforestation of millions of trees, Ireland’s climate plan includes energy efficiency in homes and an increase in electric vehicles.

The Irish Government has announced its intention to plant 22 million trees each year for the next 20 years: the measure is part of the Climate Action Plan launched last June and specifies the number and type of trees to be planted to increase the CO2 capture and storage capacity in so-called natural carbon sinks, i.e. in forests and wetlands.

The Climate Plan announced in early summer by the Irish Ministry of Agriculture proposed to allocate 8,000 hectares a year to new forests. After a few months of planning, government experts have calculated that 2,500 conifers or 3,300 broadleaf trees will be needed for every hectare reforested, with an overall distribution of around 70% of new coniferous forests and 30% of forests broad-leaved.

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These estimates put 22 million trees each year, with a total of 440 million trees by 2040. An ambitious plan that could not be carried out without the collaboration of landowners and farmers, from the first quite skeptical government announcements about the massive reforestation of Ireland.

In an attempt to involve the population in a participatory process, the Irish Government is organizing public assemblies to identify the most critical issues and needs of the community and to support the reforestation plan.

A key part of the plan is persuading farmers to designate part of their farms for tree planting in the near future.

In addition to the reforestation project, the Irish Climate Action Plan provides for the energy efficiency of at least 50,000 homes per year, 70% renewable electricity by 2030, while, in terms of mobility, it aims to expand the fleet of electric vehicles or zero emissions in at least 100,000 units a year to reach a symbolic 1 million e-cars by 2030.

Ireland became the second country to declare the world’s climate emergency .

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