Irizar Will Manufacture Its First 100% Electric Truck In Spain

The Spanish manufacturer Irizar, known for its buses and electric industrial vehicles, has developed a new electric truck called the ie truck. The 18-ton truck will be available both as a 100% electric vehicle and with an additional range extender that will run on natural gas.

According to Irizar, different versions of the electric truck are currently being developed. The company continues to keep its performance data secret. The only data that is known is that the ie truck is an electric vehicle eight meters long with a payload of 18 tons.

The platform of this electric truck is the result of a research project between Irizar and the FFC Group, a specialist in environmental services and infrastructures. According to Irizar, the contribution of FFC’s know-how in the field of urban services has already resulted in the prototype of a garbage collection vehicle that the partners intend to take to series production in the coming months.

In principle, the Irizar ie Truck adopts internally developed technology, which is also used in the manufacturer’s electric buses, especially in their drive systems, energy storage systems and electronic control elements.

The truck was designed for urban and intercity environments; its low noise level makes it suitable for use at night and thus reduces road congestion at peak times.

The electric version comes with a CNG extender for interurban transport with sufficient electric autonomy for routes within the city.

Irizar’s intention is to manufacture in its new plant not only electric buses but also other electric commercial vehicles for the city.

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