Irizar’s Electric Buses Will Be Manufactured With 100% Solar Energy

Irizar has inaugurated the largest photovoltaic solar park in the Basque Country. The energy it generates will be used to power the Irizar e-mobility facilities, making it the first electric bus manufacturing factory in Europe with zero emissions of 100% renewable energy.

The Irizar Group is strongly committed to the environment and, since it obtained ISO 14001 in 1998, it has been fulfilling its objectives for its energy transformation.

Its commitment to electromobility began in 2011, as a result of this commitment is the National Environmental Award in the product-service category in Spain, obtained by Irizar in 2016.

In 2018, Irizar e-mobility was inaugurated, the first factory in Europe for electromobility solutions, designed and manufactured based on eco-sustainability concepts with a type A energy efficiency certificate, the maximum existing at European level. It includes a warehouse heating system and sanitary hot water, taking advantage of the steam surpluses of a company located on the adjoining plot.

The Irizar Group develops and manufactures its own batteries and in 2019, thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with the Basque Energy Agency and Repsol, it also offers a second life to them, allowing their reuse once their cycle of useful life in buses, making it a storage element in the electric vehicle charging infrastructures at Repsol service stations, as well as the power electronics associated with their use.

Also in 2019 and after completing the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Irizar becomes the first European coach manufacturer with an EDP certified based on the international standard UNE-EN ISO 14025 by the International EPD System.

He is currently immersed in multiple Circular Economy projects, in alternative energies, and in other large-scale Europeans, all of them, in order to contribute to a future of sustainable mobility.

The progressive reduction of CO2 emissions and other polluting substances, as well as the introduction of environmental criteria from the design of its products, and the promotion of the spirit of respect for the environment of its people and collaborators are its most important premises.

EKIAN – The largest solar park in the Basque Country.

Ekian is a public-private initiative promoted by the Basque Energy Agency and KREAN and has 22 investment companies. The EKIAN photovoltaic solar plant is located on a 55-hectare industrial estate called “Laágrima” within the ARASUR Industrial Estate, in the municipality of Ribera Baja-Erribera Beitia de Araba.

It is made up of a set of 66,000 state-  of-the-art solar panels of 355 watts each, which together adds up to a total installed power of 24 MW that doubles the current solar power of the Basque Country. At full capacity, it will produce approximately 40,000 MWh per year, that is, electrical energy equivalent to the electrical consumption of 15,000 families in a year and will avoid the emission of nearly 14,600 tons of CO2 if that energy were produced by other sources of fossil energy.

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