Is Apple Working On Its Own Electric Car?

iCar Apple, project titan

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has hundreds of people working on a top-secret project: an electric mono-volume. The large-scale project, codenamed ” Titan “, is at a time of uncertainty. Steve Jobs’ dream can finally come true, the iCar.

This news shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Rumors have been running for years that Apple is interested in getting into the electric car business. And recently, a Dodge Janky apparently equipped with what appears to be autonomous car technology has been seen in public. However, it’s worth noting that this vehicle might only be doing the work for Apple Maps. Rumors have exploded since Apple hired Marc Newson, a well-known industrial designer who created a concept car for Ford Motor Co, and Johann Jungwirth, head of research and development at Mercedes-Benz.


Apple always works on projects that nobody knows about, that have not been rumored yet, that they jealously keep secret because it may be the technology that will revolutionize our nearest future. And the electric car is in the sights of the largest multinationals on the planet, as it has great potential for the not too distant future.


Tesla’s success and explosive growth has shown the world how the auto market can be reinvented (without fossil fuels, by the way) by building the car the future deserves. Apple has a well-earned reputation for designing and manufacturing the best product in whatever industry it operates in. So if the company that gave us the iPhone wants to give us an iCar, we can expect one of the best electric cars on the market.

For the former president of General Motors, Dan Akerson,  it would not be a good idea for Apple, since the automotive industry is very competitive and has very small profit margins compared to electronics.


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