Japanese And Scandinavian Design Merge In A Small Zen-inspired House

A stunning little house in Queensland, Australia, a wonderful blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design, taking the best of both worlds and creating a beautiful and wonderfully functional home.

Its design is largely based on Byron Bay’s Zen Tiny House, but this house has some brilliant updates and unique features that make it a perfectly suitable home for its owner Leah.

Leah wanted to design a home for herself and her two children. A place that allowed her to be herself and where she could also enjoy financial freedom and more freedom in life.

She had dreamed of one day building a small house for herself. While browsing YouTube, she came across the Tiny Zen House in Byron Bay and immediately knew that she had found exactly what she was looking for. A series of events led her to contact the original builder of the Zen house and together they built a similar model with unique features to suit Leah’s needs.

His house has been designed as a beautiful space as a kind of sanctuary. Leah’s creative touches can be seen throughout the little house and it really makes it a space of its own.

Many elements of the home’s original design remain the same, including the brilliant fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements, the functional kitchen, and the spacious living area, but Leah has also included some wonderful features like a sleeping loft for her. children and a spectacular bathroom with a dreamy full-size bathtub.

Via www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com

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