Jumping Lighting. Play Rope And Generate Energy With Each Jump

Jumping Lighting.  Play rope and generate energy with each jump

Jumping Lighting is a rope to jump with which the little ones while playing and jumping accumulate energy that they will later use thanks to a built-in LED lamp.

Jumping Lighting is a jump rope that lights up its entire length and not just at the handles. This characteristic is a differentiating point from the rest of the strings that do more or less the same, this concept is not new, taking advantage of kinetic energy is one of the fields to be investigated in order to produce energy on a small scale.

Jumping Lighting 1

Although most of us are used to having electricity continuously in our homes, in some countries it is still quite common not to have it. This type of gadgets is intended for that population that suffers from energy poverty.

Designer: Bae Gyu Ri. Via  yankodesign.com

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