Kendrick Farris, The Vegan Weightlifter In The Olympics

Kendrick Farris

Kendrick Farris is a weightlifter who has competed with the US team at the Rio Olympics. But we are not talking about him today because of that, we are talking about being a vegan weightlifter. National record holder lifting 377 kg, he has been eating vegan for two years.

“I do not agree with the death of millions of animals.”

This is how Kendrick Farris’ life has changed, breaking a great myth every time he competes. Vegans are often thought of as thin and weak, but Kendrick shows everyone that a vegan diet is good even for an Olympian.

Kendrick has been an Olympian on three occasions (Beijing, London, Rio), although his vegan diet comes after the birth of his son. It was the turning point to turn his life around. Already as a vegan he broke the record of his country, so his new diet has not only not harmed him, but has also benefited him in sports.

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