Kia Niro Ev, Kia’s New Electric Suv

Kia Niro EV

Kia presented the Niro EV Concept in Las Vegas. Announcements about the electrification of the range and the evolution of technology are important in the short and medium term. It could be on the market at the end of 2018, it will be the first of the 16 new cars of the Korean multinational.

Autonomy of 383 km and 64 kWh of capacity. The Kia Niro EV Concept is based on the standard crossover and is the future zero-emission model. Aerodynamic efficiency improves, while the front grille is replaced by an integrated screen. The powertrain is made up of 64 kWh of lithium polymer batteries and a 150 kW electric motor, while the declared range is 383 km.

The Niro EV offers a new technology dedicated to pedestrians and called Active Pedestrian Warning System (APWS): through on-board sensors and cameras, the car is able to detect pedestrians and cyclists in the vehicle’s path and, then send a beam of light and an audible warning in the desired direction to warn of its presence.

Recognize the driver’s face. The novelties continue in the cabin, where the dashboard has been completely redesigned, playing with the combination of the Silver, Gray and Bronze colors, and replacing the traditional indicators with digital displays.

The interface is new too, with a main touchscreen and a surface on the steering wheel that acts as a remote control. The main on-board functions can be activated with gestures, but voice commands are also present. The user is also recognized through facial scanning and voice analysis thanks to the Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Polly applications, which offer personalized content and settings for each person.

On-board connectivity leverages the new 5G standard and opens the way to new features such as video streaming and transferring large data packets via the cloud. The audio system also allows the interior compartments to be separated from the cabin through the headrest speakers and noise cancellation system, offering each passenger a different scene without interference.

By 2025, sixteen electrified models, fuel cell in 2020. The acronym ACE hides the global development strategy of the Korean brand. “Autonomous” refers to the arrival of Level 4 autonomous driving on the market in 2021, anticipated in 2019 by a fleet of vehicles that will be road tested,

“Connected” indicates the objective of offering connectivity on board of all standard vehicles by 2030 (and already in 2025 in all segments), while “Eco / Electric” confirms the intention to electrify all platforms.

By 2025, 16 new models of this type will be presented: 5 hybrids, 5 plug-in hybrids and 5 electric, in addition to a vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell that will be available as early as 2020. At the same time, Kia will also bring the project to Europe Wible car sharing, launched in Korea in 2017 with a dedicated app: details of the service and the cities involved will be revealed in the coming months.

In the US they will incorporate Google Assistant.

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