Kubota X Tractor Cross, The Solar Electric Autonomous Tractor That Wants To Automate The Field

The future of agriculture will be filled with autonomous electric tractors that will quietly farm our fields, according to Kubota, a Japanese tractor manufacturer, which celebrated its 130th anniversary with the unveiling of the smart Tractor X prototype.

The Kubota X Tractor was presented at an exhibition in the city of Kyoto, Japan, giving its vision of the future of agriculture. A 100% autonomous tractor equipped with artificial intelligence and an electric drive chain with in-wheel motors and a combination of lithium-ion batteries and solar batteries.

Kubota claims to be one of the first companies to introduce smart technologies into the agribusiness, aiming to address the problems of modern farmers, such as labor shortages.

According to the Japanese company, its latest autonomous robot tractor concept can circulate on uneven terrain thanks to its tracks and can alter its height depending on the conditions it encounters. If more traction is required, the tractor would lower itself to lower the center of gravity while operating above crops, it can increase its height and therefore its ground clearance.

The electric motors in the wheels allow the speed of the four tracks to be changed to reduce the turning radius of the tractor, which facilitates maneuvering on different types of terrain.

Autonomous driving technologies are expected to transform many industry sectors, including trucking, construction, and of course agriculture.

More information: www.kubota.com

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