Kyocera Begins Construction Of The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm In Japan

Kyocera begins construction of the world's largest floating solar farm in Japan

Japan is a small country, it is for example smaller than the state of California, but this is not going to prevent them from building a huge solar farm. Japan has started work on a floating solar farm that will generate enough electricity for 5,000 homes. The multinational electronics company Kyocera is behind this project, which will have the honor of being the largest floating solar farm in the world.

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The project was presented more than a year ago. Now, construction has finally started. The solar farm will float on a dam in Chiba Prefecture, southeast of Tokyo. Kyocera chose this formula because Japan simply does not have enough free land for a large-scale solar farm. It will be equipped with 50,000 solar panels with a total generation capacity of 13.7 MW.

In Europe there are also similar projects but not of this size, specifically in London the largest floating solar farm in Europe is being built.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2018.


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