La Casita De Boxabl, An Efficient Prefabricated Tiny House That Can Be Assembled In An Hour

With an area of ​​20 m² and ceilings with a height of 2.90 m, Boxabl unveils its great little masterpiece, which aims to address the housing shortage.

La Casita” is  named after the new project of prefabricated tiny houses that can be assembled in just one hour in the client’s preferred area and whose objective is to become an accessible home for all those people who manage to adapt and coexist in areas not very extensive.

With a current value of $50,000, the Boxabl company allows you to acquire one of its houses that are still ostentatious, modern and luxurious for the simple fact of being small. Each modular unit has a completely open space, where you can find the kitchen, rest and laundry areas, with the only division being the bathroom area that contains a built-in Jacuzzi.

A very important point in the manufacture of tiny houses is the implementation of highly resistant, durable and energy efficient building materials, that is, they have the ability to minimize energy use compared to those normally used in traditional homes, which allows them, according to the construction method executed, to resist fire, strong winds, floods, plagues, among others.

Size Matters?

Well, if 20 m² is insufficient, the American company, based in the city of Las Vegas, offers the option of customizing two modular units and plans in the future to include new construction dimensions.

Boxabl, which currently ensures that it will have limited production and that it already has a waiting list to obtain the modular ones, works to obtain production levels very similar or equal to those that car factories tend to have, wanting to achieve in this way , a mass production at affordable costs for all those who wish to achieve an efficient and modern mini home.

The company also has a mini house variant dedicated to emergencies.

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