Lamps With Pipes And Bottles.

ZAL Creations of Chicago joined Etsy this summer to start selling their lamps. But not just any kind of lamps, made from recycled materials, from pipes and plumbing fixtures, as well as from beer bottles in the light bulb function. Very original the use of the taps as on / off switches.

There are lamps of all kinds, for exterior or interior, desk or wall, with more or less luminosity. The electrical components are the usual ones in any conventional lamp, so we can also use remains or parts of lamps that we have in disuse.

ZAL lamps are sold on, but we want to use it as a project that can inspire us, to know what it is possible to do at home with some old pieces. It is a project that we can do at home with disused parts and scrap metal that can be found relatively easy.

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