Laser Food, How To Reduce Waste By Laser Labeling Fruits And Vegetables

The labels – stickers of the fruits and vegetables can have the days numbered. The Spanish company Laser Food has found the solution to end them, a new labeling using laser technology. In Sweden they are already testing it.

The Dutch fruit and vegetable distributor Nature & More and the Swedish supermarket chain ICA have started a pilot test, so that their organic avocados and sweet potatoes will be sold with this new more environmentally friendly labeling.

We are talking about the fact that only in this pilot test, the material and energy expenditure of the use of the stickers will be eliminated, 200 km of 30 cm wide plastic will be saved from the garbage, and 99% less carbon emissions will be emitted compared to to the conventional labeling used until now.

According to European legislation, each fruit or vegetable unit must be labeled to ensure its traceability, and until now this mandatory labeling has been done with plastic stickers.

It is an incongruity that we strive to produce and buy organic fruits and vegetables, when the traditional packaging and labels that are used continue to generate waste and pollution.

The Spanish Laser Food, a company based in Alzira, Valencia, wants to spread its technology all over the world. Its system creates a pre-designed mark on the skin of fruits and vegetables. the mark is achieved with a powerful light that modifies the natural pigments. It does not contaminate or affect the taste or texture, and disappears when the product is peeled.

Marks & Spencer has also started this laser tagging on their coconuts.

The initial investment in a laser machine is high, but it is more profitable than stickers, saving resources, energy and CO2.

This initiative has obtained the highest award in the Sustainability category at the Packaging Awards 2018.

This technology is already available in major markets in Europe, such as Germany, the Netherlands and France.

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