Learn To Invest With The Planet In Mind

Despite the fact that we have been warned hundreds of times, it seems that humanity does not understand that the planet needs attention from us. Destroyed ecosystems and the destruction of ecosystems, causes new disasters, climate change, extinctions and new diseases that did not affect humans before (zoonoses).

These are not political positions, because on many occasions we can see that politicians do not care about the issue (even if they say otherwise); It is a scientific issue, a change in social paradigms and the sowing of consciousness.

Although, that a single person modifies their habits does not make much difference, when many do, and when companies that are dedicated to making money with the care of the environment instead of its exploitation, far from being seen as something unethical, it should be encouraged Well, this is what it takes to create true change. Ecotrading, green trading, ethical trading or green trading, presents us with an interesting proposal that all investors should follow.

What is green trading and how can it help the planet?

Let’s face that governments will not take action to protect the planet if this does not benefit the companies that finance them; However, if as investors we take on the task of supporting green business projects, dedicated to the development of renewable energies, or biodegradable cleaning products, we would be promoting a much more profound change than if we tried to get the government to impose taxes on polluting companies or that all the people around us become vegetarian.

Today, hundreds of companies around the world are trying to compete in a fierce market that, for years, has been and continues to be dominated by the oil industry. By operating with shares of ethical companies such as RWE Companies, Germany, Siemens, Canadian Solar, dedicated to the renewable energy trade we can support with our money a much brighter and cleaner future for our children and grandchildren.

The profitability of renewable energy and green products

Awareness in the field of climate change, little by little makes users, especially the youngest, aspire to buy more intelligently and use organic products more frequently.

Although there is still an important sector of the population that denies that climate change is a real danger, there is another sector, also important, that prefers to buy green. As we said before, it is not about politics, and precisely the appropriation of some sectors of the political left of environmentalism, has caused the rejection of right-wing conservatives and less radical sectors of the population to these initiatives.

If we separate climate change issues from political speeches, little by little, the green industry will become stronger and generate better income and also, investors will obtain better returns on investment.Promoting the green industry is a great step for conservation environmental and is much more effective than state intervention in environmental issues, which in the end become counterproductive for the economy and do not promote ecological awareness, but rejection by investors and consumers.

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