Leonardo Dicaprio Invests In Kingo Energy To Eradicate Energy Poverty With Solar Energy

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very active environmental activist. His latest move has been to invest in Kingo, an energy company in Guatemala specializing in the construction of off-grid solar energy facilities. This fast-growing company has gone from being a pilot project just a few years ago to serving 60,000 households in developing countries.

In 1998, the famous actor created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. He has dedicated many years to global warming and has worked on various documentaries. Not only is he a vegetarian, he drives an electric car and his house is fully powered by solar panels.

DiCaprio always fuels the conversation about protecting the environment, the benefits of renewable energy, protecting wildlife, and the rights of Native Americans. Now, he takes action by investing in a company that develops all the values ​​in which he himself believes.

Kingo was founded in 2013 by four entrepreneurs seeking to solve the energy shortage in rural areas of developing countries. Incredibly expensive energy in some places, while others just don’t have access. At Kingo they offer solar energy plans to customers without charging installation or maintenance fees.

How can Kingo do this? The amount of energy is paid in advance at a local shop equipped with solar panels. Customers receive a code to use with their Kingo device and unlock the amount of power they have purchased. This eliminates the need to maintain numerous home solar panel systems.

Kingo started with 500 homes in a pilot test in early 2015, just a few years after it started. They now serve 60,000 households and are installing 7,000 new systems every month. 92% of your customers are saving money compared to traditional options, and 86% have been able to increase productivity.

Solar power is key to a future without fossil fuels, and Kingo’s technology will help enable widespread use of clean energy throughout the developing world ,” Leonardo DiCaprio said in a press release. ” I am proud to invest in Kingo to eradicate energy poverty, and I look forward to serving as an advisor to the company .”

Kingo has received $25 million in investments since its founding. Along with DiCaprio, they have received money from Engie, Europe’s largest utility company, and from French and Dutch development banks. At this rate of growth, Kingo expects to reach one million customers by 2020, and a whopping 100 million users by 2035.

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