Lettuce Cultivation: Thinning And Chopping

Lettuce cultivation: Thinning and peeling

After having prepared our lettuce seedlings to plant them in our vegetable garden or urban garden, we have to take the next step, which is to thin this seedbed to pass them on to individual ones so that they continue to develop and grow normally. So when you see that they have a good size and true leaves, we will have to carry out this step.

This work is carried out in almost all the crops in which we have previously made a seedbed. The best and most developed plants are chosen to put them in a small individual seedbed where the rest of the plants will not bother him and he will be free to develop much better. This step would be prior to planting them in our urban garden. In addition, it is a simple and interesting crop to enter the world of the urban garden, since in a month or a month and a half, more or less, we will be able to start harvesting our lettuces.

For the cups or yogurts we have used various materials, the same as in the lettuce seedbed, including substrate, worm humus (excellent fertilizer), vermiculite and perlite, which will help us in the drainage and retention of nutrients. This would be ideal, but if we can’t get vermiculite or perlite don’t worry!

Irrigation must be continuous but light, we must not abuse irrigation at this time. Very important, always place them in the sun (if the sun is very strong, better indirect at those hours) so that they do not get stuck. And now we can only see in the video to know how to do this important step with our newly germinated and grown seedlings.

Author: Toni Frito.

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