Levi’s Launches A Line Of Products Made With Cotton Hemp

Those looking for sustainable clothing options can also turn to the American brand with its latest line of men’s products called Levi’s Stay Loose, made from hemp.

Stay Loose offers several options for men with, as the name suggests, a loose fit through the hips and thighs. In typical Levi’s innovation, the styles are made from cottony hemp, which is a fancy way of saying that some of the yarn comes from the hemp plant and the manufacturing makes it feel like cotton.

Now that hemp is legal in the US, a large number of products have incorporated this material for its strength, but also because it requires less water, chemicals, and land space than cotton.

The Stay Loose jean is perfect for taking advantage of the trend for looser silhouettes, which encompasses both style and comfort. A fuller fit, a wider leg, a little tighter, and with a 90’s style that is still very contemporary.

Janine Chilton-Faust, Levi’s Vice President of Men’s Design

They are available in a range of black, indigo, and faded washes. Additionally, the Stay Loose Carpenter Trousers feature the traditional look with bottom pockets, side pockets, and of course the loop hammer. Another option, called the “Climber Pant,” comes in lightweight, non-stretch fabric rather than denim and has an elastic band at the waist for added comfort.

While cotton hemp shows potential as a more sustainable material, these products are still made up of only 23% hemp and 77% cotton, so cotton is not completely out of the equation yet.

Other company products also include cottony hemp, including the classic Stay Loose Trucker denim jacket.

For women, the High Loose line of pants offers three options that also incorporate the material.

All of these products should be available in Fall 2020.

More information: www.levi.com

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