Lg Introduces Battery Powered Air Purifying Face Mask With H13 Hepa Filters

Korean electronics giant LG has adapted its home air purification technology into a battery-powered air-purifying face mask with two H13 HEPA filters, multi-speed fans, and a UV-LED sterilizer box. But there is still a lot we don’t know.

The PuriCare portable air purifier, as LG dubbed it, has some pretty advanced features. It is attached to the face with straps behind the ears like a normal face mask, but carries an 820 mAh battery to run an active air filtration and purification system for up to eight hours in low power mode and two hours in high consumption mode.

The user breathes in and out through a pair of replaceable HEPA filters, with fans that help draw fresh air from outside. A “breathing sensor” controls the speed of these fans, which speed up to help you breathe in and slow down to make it easier to breathe out.

When you take it off, you tuck it into its UV-LED illuminated protector that “kills harmful germs” while it charges. LG says it is ” ergonomically designed based on extensive face shape analysis to minimize air leakage around the nose and chin, ” and every component is replaceable and recyclable – right down to the straps.

Does it effectively block COVID-19? Do you effectively filter the exhalations of a COVID-19 infected user so that they do not infect others? How much does it weigh? Can anyone hear you when you are wearing it? LG does not release further information until it has completed the certification and testing.

There is currently no pricing information, but LG will provide more details as part of its IFA 2020 virtual show and says the PuriCare mask will be available in the fourth quarter “in select markets.”

More information: www.lgnewsroom.com

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