Lights And Lighting For A More Sustainable Christmas

Although there is still time for Christmas, but we must start with the preparations now, especially if we want to arrive on time and that everything is as we want. Today we talk about Christmas lights and lighting. Enjoying a Christmas without wasting energy is possible, especially if you are one of those who likes to have your home very bright.

We always talk about the importance of energy efficiency in our homes, buying the appliances that consume the least, using them when there is less demand on the network, fixing them when they have a breakdown, using LED lighting, among many other recommendations that we are always on. speaking, reduce, reduce, reduce, efficiency, efficiency, efficiency …

When we talk about Christmas lights and lighting, efficiency takes special importance, since it is a time when the energy consumption of homes shoots up. Hence the importance of using the most efficient lighting for the holidays. It is not incompatible to have your house at Christmas very beautiful and illuminated, and that our bill does not skyrocket. When Christmas comes, everything shines, the trees, the balconies, the garden …

As you already know, the most efficient lighting that we can find in the market right now with LED lights, you can find it online at a good price at Among its great advantages we can highlight that they are safer (cold to the touch) and less polluting, they are not manufactured with any type of polluting chemical substance, they have a longer useful life (you can use them many Christmases), they do not generate heat, they emit the same amount of light always and its consumption is notably lower than the rest of the alternatives, they can reduce CO2 emissions by 80%.

Today you can already find any typical Christmas lighting fixture with LED lights, we are talking about chains or light hoses, candles or LED candlesticks, curtains or light nets, garlands, illuminated Christmas figures both exterior and interior, snowmen, lights for Christmas trees, window decoration, among other many decoration and bathroom mirror fixtures that we can find in the market.

LED lights also have the advantage of being manufactured in a large number of colors and effects, multi-color, fixed light, flashing, blinking, flashing, intensity change, with which you will have almost infinite combinations.

To take into account one detail, try to turn off the lights and other decorations during the day (why do you want to have the exterior lighting on during the day?), Or when you are not at home. If you want to automate the on and off you can use a timer. Think that although LEDs are the lights that consume the least on the market, they also consume electricity, remember that the cleanest energy is the one that is not consumed.

Forget incandescent bulbs, forget energy- saving bulbs ,  this Christmas is LED.

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