Lillum, The First Vertical Take-off And Landing Electric Aircraft

Lillum the first vertical take-off and landing electric aircraft

The first fully electric plane with vertical takeoff and landing is already a reality, Lillum allows you to travel 5 times faster than a car, the manufacturing company, also called Lillum, presents it as the ” air taxi for 5 people” , the objective is to call it with the push of a button, ask for the fast service, and at the same time you get a ‘clean’ air trip of emissions.

The company presents a different concept of electric and silent vertical flight, VTOL –Vertical Take Of and Landing-, although this functionality is not new, the aircraft presents advantages over ‘quadcopters’, also known as multi-rotor helicopters propelled by four rotors.

It depends on the type of flight, the flaps are inclined, at takeoff they are all vertical, and in the air they are all positioned horizontally to achieve greater speed. Lillum achieves a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, for example he can make the trip from London to Paris in one hour, the simile on the ground in terms of speed would be a Formula 1.

Its flight system is based on 12 fins, each one with three electric jet engines, which ensures the elimination of carbon dioxide emissions, therefore caring for the environment is included. Made with carbon fiber, which is five times stronger and three times stiffer than aluminum.

Lillum electric plane


For designers, another of Lillium’s objectives is security, seeking compatibility with the product. The company ensures that in the event of an emergency, “regardless of the component that fails, the computer informs the pilot to be able to land the jet”, even in these cases the landing is made vertically, so it is not necessary to make complicated decisions by space or time as in conventional flights.

The safety objective is met by means of independent components, in this case the failures in any element are isolated, even with the loss of several engines a landing can be achieved.


The Lillum has gull-wing doors, which facilitate boarding and departure, comfortable seats, space for hand luggage, as well as greater distance between seats, to allow mobility and comfort for tall passengers, it also has a panoramic window 360 °. These elements allow the traveler to enjoy the experience while getting to their destination without traffic disturbances or shocks.

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