Linde H2, The Zero Emission Hydrogen Powered Bicycle

H2 Linde bike

The German company Linde has developed a bicycle prototype that will run on hydrogen. The engineers have used for this project the research carried out in the automotive sector to transfer it to the two wheels, hydrogen is obtained by electrolysis of water using wind energy or biogas. This fuel cell gives the bike great autonomy using just a few grams.

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H2 Linde2 bike

Linde engineers have replaced the e-bike’s electric battery with a compact PEMFC-type fuel cell. They have put in a tank that stores the hydrogen, which feeds the fuel cell.

H2 Linde1 Bicycle

The rider can activate a switch on the fuel cell when pedaling assistance is required. The aid will consist of additional 35V power for the bike, which will make pedaling easier.

H2 Linde3 bike

The autonomy is 100 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 25 km / h, using only 34 grams of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is an ideal energy source for the evolution towards zero emission vehicles, it does not emit polluting gases, only water and heat, which is expelled by a fan. Projects that want to withdraw lithium batteries from the market.

The German Minister of Transport, Alexander Dobrindt, was the one who received the first prototype of the H2 bike and also the first to be able to test it.

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