List With Brands And Products That Use Or Contain Palm Oil

Battle tank is a blog created to trace the production chain of what we consume every day and provide us with information on how everyday products are manufactured. They have published very interesting and recommendable content, but today we are going to talk about their latest publication: a list of products and brands with palm oil.

The expansion of oil palm in recent years has occurred at the cost of razing forests of high ecological value, since both need the same climatic conditions to exist. The devastation has been immense in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, with 86% of the world’s population.

Most of the palm oil is found in cosmetic and food products, its energy use has increased in the last decade, especially in Europe.

Most of the palm oil is used in food, especially in processed products.

In the article you can find the different names they usually use for palm oil on the labels, as well as a list of ingredients that probably come from this oil in question.

They do a review of the main brands that use palm oil in their products, and finally a list of specific products with palm oil.

A great job that I recommend.

Here is the list of products and brands that contain and use this type of oil, the list is updated regularly and you can also propose products for analysis through your comments:

A list of palm oil products and brands

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