Low Prices Trigger Photovoltaic Installations In The Usa

Low prices trigger photovoltaic installations in the USA

The growth of the solar market in the United States continues at a spectacular rate. It grows at a rate of 8.6% year-on-year. For 7 consecutive quarters, the United States has installed more than 1 GW of new photovoltaic power.

Residential solar installations for self-consumption grew at a record rate of 473 MW, with constant growth quarter over quarter. In contrast, non-residential installations – commercial and community – declined again, although the market is expected to recover in 2016 with the launch of new batteries, especially the Tesla Powerwall in the North American market.

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Large photovoltaic installations are also growing at a good pace, with an installed capacity of 16.7 GW in the US from photovoltaic projects with long-term power purchase contracts, of which 5.3 GW are currently under construction.

“40% of these energy purchase agreements (ppa) have been signed mainly because they are projects competitive in price compared to natural gas alternatives”

explains Cory Honeyman, a solar energy analyst at GTM Research.

“We have reached a point in solar energy prices where purchasing decisions have been stopped for purely environmental reasons. Now, an increasing part of the contracts are signed for economic reasons due to their low cost ”.

GTM Research forecasts that the United States will install 7.7 GW of solar power in 2017.

The industry group gathered around the California Energy Storage Alliance reported that the price of solar energy for an average residential photovoltaic system with storage batteries and net balance, currently in California, is for the lifetime of 0 , $25 / kWh.

“The battle of net metering has resulted, in most cases, in a favorable victory for residential photovoltaics”

Honeyman points out.

“The attacks by the power companies have been largely repulsed or have had a minimal impact.”

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