Luka Ev, Your Own Open Source Electric Car

Luka EV your own open source electric car

The Luka EV is an open source electric car, meaning that anyone can build one identical to this one thanks to the fact that the instructions have been fully shared on the network. A major project that will demand the best of yourselves.

With a range of 300 km and a maximum speed of 130 km / h, this electric car can meet the needs of a wide group of users. The bodywork has been made of carbon fiber, and it is also freely available online. The electric motors are located directly on the rear wheels.

Batteries and electric motors are bought in pieces, just like other vehicle components such as wheels …

Although the result will surely be worth it, you have to think about it before starting because the investment in both economic and labor is considerable. Its finished price can be around 20,000 euros and it still does not have the necessary approval to circulate on the roads, although they are working hard to achieve it throughout the European Union.

If you liked the idea but the investment seems too big, I recommend that you think about this other electric car that you can build yourself, TABBY.

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