Luminescent Bike Path In Poland That Is Charged During The Day With The Sun


A fantastic cycle lane has been installed in Poland that glows bright blue at night! The route is near Lidzbark Warminski uses a synthetic material that lights up after being charged with sunlight. The bike path will stop the sky on a starry night.

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The material used in the bike lane has a light autonomy of approximately 10 hours. Every day, the rail collects the energy during the day that allows it to shine at night. The lighting is intended to improve the safety of cyclists at night.


The material used can emit light of a variety of colors, but the designers selected blue so that it would not clash with the landscape. The next step is to make the materials used as sustainable as possible, and that can be profitable, since this bike lane is more expensive than conventional ones.


The bike lane is still undergoing tests to determine its useful life and how it will withstand daily wear and tear.

The rail has been developed by the company TPA Instytut BadaƄ Technicznych Sp. Z oo


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