L’uritonnoir, Portable Urinal That Creates Organic Humus

L'Uritonnoir, portable urinal that creates organic humus

A French company Lapazi has decided to use urine and make it useful. To do this, he has turned hay bales into practical portable urinals that help to better compost the straw to create a rich organic humus.

L'Uritonnoir concert

L’Uritonnoir is a polypropylene funnel that attaches to the bale of hay with ease. Little by little, the hay absorbs the urine like a sponge, the nitrogen in the urine reacts with the carbon in the straw to start the decomposition process.


The result, after an average of 6 to 12 months, will be a rich organic humus perfect for our garden or urban garden.

L'Uritonnoir festival

They take advantage of two residues, hay and urine, to create ecological compost.

L’Uritonnoir can be used for outdoor festivals as well as for private gardens or orchards. Its price is $20.

Multipurpose Uritonnoir

More information:  uritonnoir.com

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