Madi, The Earthquake-proof Modular Wooden Prefabricated House

With this construction system, the house can be assembled in a few hours, to have a truly functional class A house. This prefabricated wooden house folds like an origami.

Ecological, anti-seismic and modular. These three adjectives may be enough to describe MADi’s prefab wooden house, but one of the most interesting aspects of its design would probably be lost. Yes, because MADi has a particular construction system -protected by patent- that makes it literally collapsible on itself, almost like one of those tent-shaped tents. With the no small difference that, in this case, we are facing a multifunctional wooden house, with a high energy class and anti-seismic certification.

Behind the project is the hand of the Italian architect Renato Vidal and the Abruzzo producer Area Legno. When he thought of his prefabricated house, Vidal did it so that the house could be installed as soon as possible, with the possibility, if necessary, of closing the module again and moving it to another place.

They do not need a foundation and, once you no longer need it, you can fold it up and move it to another place or simply store it in a warehouse ready for a new use; the anchorage is ensured by an innovative, invisible and ecological screw-type foundation system.

The A-shaped structure is made up of steel profiles and tubes (pretreated to resist corrosion) and special hinges that guarantee the opening and closing movement. The horizontal roof closures are made up of Xlam panels, that is, solid wood panels with transversely laminated layers, waterproofed and thermally insulated, while the front walls are formed by a frame structure insulated with high density rock wool and covered externally with wood.

Each module spans two levels and is supplied complete with electricity, plumbing, air conditioning (hot / cold), toilets and kitchen.

A few hours to assemble it and a couple of days before it is habitable: the module makes the work almost non-existent and reduces operating costs. Not only that. In the standard version they are manufactured in energy class B, but if requested by the customer, they can easily be upgraded to class A or higher. Solar panels can make MADI energetically autonomous. The only truly removable, recoverable and 100% reusable that install without damaging the environment, but simply enter into symbiosis with it.

The price? 800 euros per square meter (which also includes transport and assembly if it is less than 200 km from the company headquarters). Currently, the folding wooden prefabricated house can be made in three different models, from 27 m2, 56 m2 and 84 m2, but the company explains, additional modules can be added to expand the volume.

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